Moss green dress by Bellamy Gallery

Moss green dressThat was a close call. These photos of my moss green dress were taken yesterday. I nearly had nothing to post. Luckily Ron was prepared to take the pictures and the weather wasn’t bad. Ron found a good spot where I would be protected from rain and wind: a small gazebo at the Elswout Estate in Overveen (adjacent to Haarlem). We will definitely go back there for more photos as they have phenomenal sites and buildings. In summer, when it is nice and green. View Post

Boyfriend jeans with jacket

Boyfriend jeans with jackets (7 van 9)Friday was the start of my short holiday: 10 days. Hurray. My friend Marjolein was coming and we were to hit the town. Which means in my book: flat shoes. The day before I had been in tight skinny jeans and on high heels from very early morning till late in the evening. Even went out to dinner. Which meant a great need for comfort the next day. Starting with the shoes, I chose my white sneakers by Marco Polo (they are white, really they are. I have cleaned them now). And for more comfort, my boyfriend jeans with jacket. View Post

Green blouse with jeans

Green blouse with jeans (2 van 6)I love nice tops with casual trousers. So I wore this green blouse with jeans and finished the outfit by adding a black and white statement necklace.

When I found the blouse, I knew there was another green -summer- blouse in my closet. Very similar..,  as you can see here. But… (here are the excuses…)… the summer blouse has wide kimono sleeves. Not very handy when you need to put on your winter coat. Also… the summer blouse is tight around the hips and requires a smooth pair of trousers, not a bulky pair like jeans. And last but not least: I can wear something warm underneath this green blouse, which I cannot do underneath the summer version. Do you agree with all these excuses? Have I done the right thing?

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Black and white… again..

White trousers and black Theory top 3
These trousers and this top do not crease, they are airy, light and (I think) classy. Great in my book.
By adding the modern necklace I hope to achieve a modern look. Neutralizing the classic pumps.  View Post

Grey tunic with white trousers

This tunic is simpel but great. If it is hot, you wear it with a sleeveless top and open toe shoes. When it is cold, you wear it with a thicker sweater and normal shoes or even boots. Various possibilities with necklaces to change it around a bit.
The reflections in the window tell you that the garden is getting greener as spring is arriving

To begin with: the tunic with a red and black Japanese-like necklace and black slingbacks

Below: as usual, the back is very uninteresting.

Below: changing shoes to white patent leather peeptoe slingbacks and a necklace made from shells.

Of course… doggie is here too. 

Below: with one of my favourite necklaces, faceted white stones, gold(ish) beads and black thread. 

Below: zooming in on the necklaces. Could not get a good view of the white one, so I took another photo.


Below: or with ballerinas when walking a lot. This picture was taken in Kopenhagen 2 years ago.

A very observant person might have noticed that I have posted on a Monday instead of a Tuesday. Which is true and will stay this way.