Green kimono blouse

IMG_0374_LRWe are in Haarlem in a “hofje”. A “hofje” is a courtyard, belonging to a group of small houses, once the home of poor women…..

I am wearing my green kimono blouse with a white flower necklace which is a present from Anja. Yes, you might have seen this necklace before, as Sylvia of 40+Style has nearly the same one. I am such a copycat LOL.

Both Sylvia and our mutual friend Anja, are in Haarlem. And we are having fun together. Sylvia gave me a necklace too (it is so good to have generous friends :lol: ). Of course you will see it in another post soon.

“Hofjes” are very peaceful and only open to the public for limited hours. Perfect background for some photos after the pleasant lunch we enjoyed. We all dressed up a bit. Why not?

You have seen this kimono before, so more details in that post. But A) you had not seen the shoes very often, B) you had not seen the necklace, C) you can see us three together and D) it is summer time, so repeats are the perfect solution for bloggers who like to relax a bit too.

Below: see how peaceful this “hofje” is? I don’t think the owner of the pretty flower pot will like it much, but it made a pretty picture. Anja and I were swooning over the cat, both being cat lovers.IMG_0367_LRBelow: OK, another full length shot of the outfitIMG_0378_LRBelow: a close-up of the necklace. Isn’t it pretty? Thank you Anja.IMG_0379_LRBelow: Sylvia and me. Sylvia’s necklace is by the same designer as mine. She will tell you more about her outfit on 40+Style soon. I am sure.IMG_0371_LRBelow: close shot of usIMG_0372_LRBelow: Anja and meIMG_0387_LRBelow: also in a closer shot. I love the way Anja looks at me haha. I cannot make up my mind what she is thinking.IMG_0384_LRBelow: Sylvia and Anja….. that is what you get when you take one picture after another. Some care-free shotsIMG_0400_LRBelow: and to end this happy story: all three of us taken in front of a fun mural (not in the “hofje” anymore. They would not allow that.)IMG_0409_LREnjoy summer.


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Colourful living room

greetje (1 of 8)_LROK, girls and boys (yes, a few men visit my blog too), this post is a summer repeat. Many bloggers do it, TV stations do it, so why not me: repeating an old issue. December 6, 2012 I have published this post about my living room. Or as my husband would shout at me: “OUR living room!”

In December 2012 there were not many people following my blog (the understatement of the year). So good chance that you haven’t seen it before. A few trusted followers have seen it as I sent them the link of our colourful living room. They can take a break from commenting. Relax…. it is summer.

Five years ago we decided we needed another couch and (easy) chairs. Again. We replaced them before but could not create unity and cohesion.

So we saved (we are Dutch, we save) and with some money in the bank, off we went to a furniture store. A very good one. To make a long story short….we ended up replacing everything in the living room, including the paint and the wallpaper. The only things that remained were the table, the dining chairs and the parquet floor. Which led to a loan….  The loan is paid off by now, but we will probably die in this setting as we do not have the money to do this again.

No big problem as we absolutely love it. Although it is colourful we do not get bored with it, nor do we find it “busy”.

It is not everybody’s taste, far from it. So you don’t have to like it. If you comment, please be honest!

Below: the sculpture on the mantelpiece and the painting you can see in more detail further down.27 maart 2010 110_LR

Living room 2aBelow: the painting you can see in detail further down.27 maart 2010 107_LR 27 maart 2010 106_LRBelow: sculpture on the mantelpiece by Jeroen Henneman. He creates beautiful things, often with optical illusions. CameraBelow: this painting is by Ewoud de Groot, a Dutch artist who is a great bird painter.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelow: last but certainly not least: a painting by Annemarie de Groot (no relative of Ewoud de Groot, as far as I know). The artist Corneille was one of her teachers and she worked with him as well.

The strange black vertical lines you see at the left side of the painting are from the lamp hanging in front of the painting. Sorry guys. Didn’t feel like doing it again. This is a repeat, remember? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelow: the photos below show you our corridor. As it is a very tiny house, the hallway is very small. I had to photograph it in parts. We had so many little drawings, paintings etc. left that we decided to create this “gallery”. The big silk-screen print in the bottom two photos is by Jan Sierhuis and was a lucky find on (the Dutch equivalent of) Ebay.CorridorGreetje

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Shopping in Amsterdam Leidsestraat

SAM_4652_LRMy friend Helena and I realized that we had not “done” any shopping in Amsterdam Leidsestraat yet. Which was easily put right. So in my holiday, we set out to make this documentary. All in the course of good journalism. And in your interest. Purely professional. Nothing to do with actual shopping. It was the story, the pictures we were after. Yeah … right…. so much for that plan.  It was an expensive day. I must try and find another Amsterdam angle. Any suggestions dear readers? Continue Reading →


What to wear to Barcelona?

On a balcony at Casa Batllo MKnowing I would want to do a post about my little city trip, the big question was of course: what to wear to Barcelona? The temperature for those three days was going to be 25, 28 and 30 degrees Celcius which is very warm for me. Also, high heels (my favourite) were out of the question. Hours of walking is not something you do on high heels. Well… very few of us do. How to look nice on flat shoes with hardly any clothes on? Continue Reading →


Blue and white striped trousers

SAM_4644_LRAllright, this is going to be a quick post as I am actually on holiday. Therefore (again) some selfies in our garden. When I came down the morning I was wearing these blue and white striped trousers, my husband disapproved of the blue and white ballerinas I chose to go with the trousers. He asked “Haven’t you got something more edgy?”

“My brogues?” I replied. He had no idea what I meant, but bullseye! It is so nice to have your own personal stylist at your beck and call. Continue Reading →


Amsterdam Maritime Museum

Amsterdam Scheepvaartmuseum (37)_LRAnother little piece of my beloved city: Amsterdam Maritime Museum. For the Dutch: Scheepvaartmuseum (don’t even try to pronounce it when you are not Dutch). My husband Ron was kind enough to take photos again of my new outfit, my variation on a jumpsuit. Very comfortable, like PJ’s. Because it is not one piece but a top and trousers, it is easier to make it suit my bodyshape. Top and trousers are the same pattern, only contrast. In this post you will first see “outfit”, further down “ship” and “museum”. Continue Reading →


Blue jacket

Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (1)Another post with photographs by my husband Ron at his “allotment”. This blue jacket is by Karen Millen, the trousers by Spijkers SIS Spijkers (see their autumn/winter collection) and the shoes: Michael by Michael Kors. You have seen the trousers before. Last summer I combined them with a white tuxedo jacket and with a black jacket. I was not happy with the black jacket …. just a tiny bit too short (how picky can you get eh?). Blue and black are a hot trend (for a while now, but I am a late adopter) and this jacket is slightly longer at the back…exactly what I was looking for, so BUY. Continue Reading →


Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt

Yellow skirt (4)Usually you will find paintings and sculptures of old Dutch masters in this museum. But this time the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt. For those who don’t know this phenomenon… the Yellow Skirt travels all over the world, from blog to blog. Every lucky blogger who is bestowed the honour, will style it in her own way. As I have often said, I am not a stylist, far from it. And I am not an artist. So my angle is: show it like a ball gown and find an appropriate Dutch setting for it. Voila… the Rijksmuseum. Continue Reading →