Blue cardigan jacketRight.. 2018.. first blogpost. Back to normal. I wore this blue cardigan jacket with the striped leggings when visiting Marianna. She is one of the members of the BVA friends group which you have seen many times. Marianna decided to move to the east of the country, which is a two hours drive. As we Dutch are used to everything and everybody being very nearby, a two hours drive means very far away. It is worse for her as she will have to drive the distance 5 times when the others are host of the day. Nice thing for her is that she has family and friends living near. View Post

For most of this year’s Christmas days the dress code was “ugly Christmas sweaters”. Noooo…. I hate that. What happened to dressing up for Christmas? I have seen so many pretty party dresses on other blogs. As I am on a spending curfew, there were no new dresses in my closet. But hey… the ones that are already in there, aren’t exactly worn-out. I had plenty of choice. So I cheated. In this post you will find me in normal outfits and the rest in ugly Christmas sweaters. And some hilarious moments. View Post

Christmas giftSome of you have seen this ring on Facebook or Instagram. It is the Christmas gift of my husband Ron. He read my post about the Jewellery Art Fair, saw that I liked this ring but had no money left. Reason for him to order it and “hide” the jewellery box in a Christmas piece. Which I was bound to find. Totally unexpected and totally romantic. Not only is he generous and romantic, he also has a great sense of humour and makes me laugh all the time (a quality in a man which is highly appreciated by most women; I read that in a survey). Quite sickening, isn’t it? Don’t you worry my dears, he has a lot of flaws as well. Which actually makes him quite perfect. Because, who wants a perfect partner? It is imperfection that makes him perfect, really. View Post

Long scarf Essentiel AntwerpLow temperatures in The Netherlands means sweaters, leather trousers, boots and scarves. This long scarf by Essentiel Antwerp doesn’t count as winter wear. Purely for decoration. Essentiel had a dress in this print as well, which was a bit short for me. Plus, a dress with such a prominent print is something you usually don’t wear too many times. As I wear a lot of black and white (boring but my favourite combination), a scarf like this is a perfect item to jazz things up. View Post