Battle of the jeans

Battle of the jeans GreetjeThe title for this post, battle of the jeans, was Sylvia’s idea. Sylvia (40+Style) and Anja (Curly Traveller) are both back in Haarlem and we are spending some time together. We know each other for quite a few years now and have lots of laughs together. We share the serious stuff too as that is what friends do. Only I don’t spill any (serious) beans on this blog. Not somebody else’s beans in any case. Continue Reading →


Dressed like Charlie Chaplin

Dressed like Charlie ChaplinAfter a few more ladylike posts, I am “treating” you to this casual outfit. My husband Ron said when he saw it: “You are dressed like Charlie Chaplin”. Thank you darling. Fortunately he added: “But I like it”. I know this outfit will not appeal to everyone (anyone?). You don’t have to say you like it in your comments. I know a lot of you will not and that is OK. You can say that as well. I won’t be offended. The outfit came about when I had bought the extremely comfortable shoes. I suddenly remembered a Street Style photo I took of a woman which I thought looked different and very good. I will show you. Continue Reading →


Multi colour Ralph Lauren shirt from Geneva

multi colour Ralph Lauren shirtOK…. the post about Geneva….As you can see in above picture, it was glorious weather. The shirt I am wearing is bought in Geneva. Because as I arrived I lost my belt. The belt matching the shirt I was wearing. Which meant the whole outfit really looked off. Is that a reason for buying another shirt? Hmmm… no, of course not, but Pat wanted to look at something in a big beautiful department store. I passed a mannequin wearing this multi colour Ralph Lauren shirt and stopped dead in my tracks. Loved it. Tried it on and it fit!! It wasn’t even gapping. It is really soft and breezy, covers my arms.. perfect in my book. Continue Reading →


Fuchsia poncho

fuchsia poncho by HopeWhile visiting my friend Pat in Geneva I wore this fuchsia poncho by Hope Fashion. The “surprise poncho” I call it. Because: 1) the people of Hope gave one to every blogger at the 3040 Blogger Meet which I thought was terribly generous and 2) I really liked it, it looks great on me and it is comfortable. I always imagined ponchos would restrict your movements. This one doesn’t. Perfect for evenings when it gets colder and perfect for days with “in-between-weather”. We have a lot of those in The Netherlands. Continue Reading →


3040 Blogger Meet in London

Yellow dot jacketMarvellous, fun, great, warm… I have many such words to describe the 3040 Blogger Meet in London last Monday. Because I want to share it with you I am publishing this post a bit earlier than usual. Our host was Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb and sponsor was the brand Hope (Fashion). I finally met bloggers in real life who I have followed for three years, like Catherine herself and Annette (Lady of Style).

Of course it was a bit of a thing what to wear (…), especially as the weather was sort of in between. Turned out to be pretty warm. Fortunately I had this yellow dotted jacket (see above) by Sylver, a young Dutch brand. (I really love this jacket too, but so far my self-control is still working.) Continue Reading →


Blue white yellow summer shirt

Blue white yellow summer shirtA very short post today. About this blue white yellow summer shirt which I bough last year. It is by an Italian brand called Caliban and very thin and soft (silk). With sleeves. Very good for a hot summer’s day and still covering my arms (which I prefer).

Today (Sunday) I will be on my way to London to meet other bloggers. I am very excited about that. Finally meeting a lot of bloggers whose blog I have been following. Of course I will show you pictures of the day next week. As I suppose all of us will do. But first this outfit.. Continue Reading →


Max Mara jeans dress worn as a jacket

Max Mara jeans dressA week ago I took the Friday off and Ron and I headed to Amsterdam. I wore my Max Mara jeans dress but this time as a jacket (versatile piece). It is always a pleasure to be in Amsterdam and this time it was especially nice as we visited the jeweller. Yay. While walking through the city we both took pictures. Me for this post and Ron for the site of his new enterprise: showing tourists Amsterdam from the water and teaching them how to navigate his boat. Read all about it on (I will do a post on such a tour when it is warm enough…). Continue Reading →