A blue sweater with a blue and cream striped skirt

Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (3 van 6)In my attempt to wear more skirts, I dived into my closet, pulled out this old skirt and styled it….. But I think it has had its last outing….. Gosh, it is so hard for me to style skirts in a modern way. In the old days I just wore a fitted jacket with this skirt. Perfect. The jacket got too tight (it was rather tight to start with) and I had to give it away. The skirt was hanging in the closet, doing absolutely nothing. Then I thought of this new blue sweater (seen before here). Continue Reading →


How to look younger

SAMSUNG CSCWe all know that our inside, our true being, is much more important than the outside. Still, I always try to look my best. Present the world my best (outside) version possible. The signs of aging make this job more challenging. As I like to be honest with you, I am going to reveal you all the tricks I am using and have used to hide some effects of aging. At least for a while. My second “how to” post: how to look younger. Continue Reading →


A leather jacket with skirts

Green leather jacket with long skirt (1 van 1)Skirts for a change. A difficult one (a long skirt) and an easy one (a pencil skirt). Attempting to keep the outfits modern, I combined these skirts with a leather jacket. This olive coloured one is softer near my face than a black leather jacket. You can wear it zipped right up as I did in this first photo or leave the zip half open. Looking at the photos again, in hindsight I don’t think this jacket is the best option for the skirts.  Continue Reading →


Golden boots

golden boots nr 1 (1 van 1)You may think that taking pictures for a blog is easy…. well it is not. For one, you need skills…. Too bad I am lacking them. My husband is still learning as well. Which means we sometimes get into a tiff, to use a real English understatement. Like when we took these photos with my new golden boots. Ron doesn’t like the boots. At all. Neither does he like the top. Still, he was gracious enough to photograph them for the blog. Only, his heart wasn’t in it. And I started giving instructions….. Continue Reading →


Classic clothes?

Fur jacket Emme Lotte 1As most of you did not object to a post with outfits from the past, here is another one. I didn’t upgrade the pictures (too lazy) which means some of them are too dark or too green or… whatever.

Looking at these outfits again myself, I was wondering whether they are outdated. Like the brown long jacket you will see.

If you think they are still good to wear, then we can call them classic clothes. If you say….. that is nice but you have better stuff now, then I should give it away. If you say: don’t ever put that on again… ever…. I should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Please tell me what you think is no longer fit for 2015. You know me by now… be honest. I need your help to unclutter my closet. Each outfit is linked to the original post. If you want to see more of it, just click through.

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A walk down memory lane

Lemon green jacket 2Lots of bloggers do it…. showing outfits from the past. Why not me? After all it is nearly Christmas, lots of people are spending time with their loved ones, go to parties and have little time to look at blogs. So why bother? Then again, there are the loyal ones, you, the women who come back every week to see what I have been up to. And you are the ones I want to please most. Which made me decide to give you a walk down memory lane. Continue Reading →


Shopping in The Hague

Shopping in The Hague (2 van 27)Let me introduce you to Marjolein, my friend from when I was 20, so we go back 40 years (oh… God…). Last Wednesday I went shopping in The Hague with her (its her hometown). I used to live there for 7 years but preferred Amsterdam.

I work 36 hours per week (or more) in 4 (long) days and Wednesdays I have the day off to enjoy some social life. It is my girlfriend day. Continue Reading →


A blue sweater as a background for a pink scarf

SAMSUNG CSCIt was a very cold and grey day, last Wednesday, when I agreed to meet my friend Ineke at Elsa’s for lunch. Elsa’s is a nice café for drinks, lunch and dinner on the east side of Amsterdam. Ever so friendly people serving and if you rise to it, lots of Amsterdam tongue-in-cheek, which I absolutely adore. The one draw-back of living in Haarlem… having to miss this humor. I wore a blue sweater as a background for a pink scarf. Continue Reading →