Leather, pearls and polka dots

Leather, pearls and polka dotsFinally another skirt post. Because finally I can wear my beloved Max Mara boots again. Stupid sprained ankle. Still a bit painful on high heels, but hey… I am back! This post is going to be without beautiful houses, neighbourhoods and quirky pictures. Just a plain and simple outfit post. About leather, pearls and polka dots. In my book a perfect match. Polka dots and pearls… well .. that figures. I throw in  the leather to steer away from a classic look. Not that I have anything against classic, nothing at all, but it isn’t me. Continue Reading →


Blue Kenzo jacket dress worn in Amsterdam

Blue Kenzo jacket dressFriend Misja asked me whether I wanted to model for a spring fashion shoot she had to do for a German magazine. Haha.. of course I wanted to. Vain as I am. She had to photograph 14 different women, all over 40, in spring clothes. With Amsterdam as the background because the title of the magazine article is: “What do women wear in ……” …..Amsterdam this time. Oh and no coats and no black clothes. Not such an easy task as spring was still very young two weeks ago. We chose my blue Kenzo jacket dress. Fortunately the sun shone lovely and away we went. Continue Reading →


Haarlem and a lime necklace

black Theory top, cream jeans and booties. Lime necklace.Slowly, very slowly, not nearly as quickly as I would like, my ankle is mending. As the weather was really nice last Wednesday, I dared to wear my beloved cream booties by Eijk to go shopping with Marjolein in Haarlem. I wore my cream jeans (seen before here with my green leather jacket) with a black top by Theory and a lime necklace which is a present from Sylvia (40+Style). Sylvia always has very cool and modern necklaces and she brings my collection up to date. (Did you know she offers a course in accessorizing?) Anyway… Marjolein is a friend from way back and we swapp clothes since I was a mere lass of 21. Despite the fact she is a lot smaller than I am. Continue Reading →


Shopping Saturday in Rotterdam

Distressed boyfriend jeans with a purple velvet jacketThe three of us finally got together again…: Anke, Sabine and me. We form a group called Shopping Saturday haha. This time we decided to go to Rotterdam, to the Markthal (Market Hall) as there is only food there and no clothes or shoes. The plan was NOT to shop. Hah… doomed from the start. It became a day for Shoes and Sunglasses. Continue Reading →


Vintage shopping in Zutphen

Leather shorts bought at Vintage shoppingThis is what you get when you are in a good mood while vintage shopping. You find something that fits you like a dream, you have a lovely chat with the shop owner and some customers and …. you find yourself buying leather shorts!! At the age of 61, nearly 62!! Because every blogger over 40 says that age doesn’t matter and that rules are there to be broken and ridiculous to begin with.

This all happened on a little trip with Misja, my friend the photographer. She featured a lady on her blog who claimed that her city (Zutphen) had so many nice vintage shops. Misja was going to Zutphen to photograph and interview that lady (Mariël) again, this time for a magazine. I tagged along for fun. Continue Reading →


A red velvet jacket at the Bags museum

Red velvet jacketA little while ago I went to the Bags and Purses Museum in Amsterdam with my stepdaughter Nicky. I have been to this museum about 4 or 5 times in the last two years. Every time I discover new beautiful bags because: a) there is so much to see, you cannot take it all in during one visit, b) they change some of the collection and c) they have temporary exhibitions. For this day of walking I chose my white sneakers and a red velvet jacket which I scored at a thrift shop (sometimes I get lucky). The jacket can be a bit dowdy or old-fashioned when you style it the wrong way. Fortunately I had Anja (Curly Traveller) to help me. Lots of little helpers keep me stylish  😆 . Continue Reading →


My favourite outfits

favourite outfitsToday I am being featured by the very popular Fabulous After 40 site. Many of my blogger friends have been interviewed before me at this community for women over 40. And of course I am very flattered to join them. This post is an addition to my regular posts on a Sunday. In line with the interview I decided to show some of my favourite outfits. Might be nice for new readers. Those of you who have already seen them, perhaps even commented on them, can sit back, relax and come back Sunday. Or click through to Fabulous After 40. Many of the photos I chose were taken years ago, when my camera skills were …. not that good…But they are still my favourite outfits. I wear each and every one of them.  Continue Reading →


Pink, black and white scarf in Haarlem

Pink, black and white scarf and a Marck&Co bagToday a simple outfit for a woman still wearing flat shoes/boots (me). The pink, black and white scarf is new to you. The bag you have seen before here. In reality the pink colour of the bag is much more like the pink in the scarf. I was having lunch that day with Misja, a female photographer who you have seen on my blog before. Misja asked me to take pictures of her while at work for her blog, and … could she take some pictures of me? Hah could she? Of course!! Free photos by a pro… what a fluke. And at the same time doing blogging work with a friend. Always so nice. Continue Reading →