My grey boyfriend jacket styled by The Style Confessions

Grey boyfriend jacket a la Style Confessions 1

As many of you know, this grey boyfriend jacket is a problem for me, because of the colour and the shape.
I have shown you many outfits with this jacket (part 1, part 2 and part 3). 

Then Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions offered everybody to style an outfit and draw sketches of the desired outfit. Of course I jumped at this opportunity and asked her for help. She is such a good artist and drew two lovely outfit possibilities. Have a look at her sketches. And then compare them with reality. Didn’t she do a good job? View Post

Blue Kenzo jacket

Blue Kenzo jacket 3

This Kenzo jacket I bought in Paris, courtesy of my husband. (He gets mentioned quite a lot, doesn’t he? Let me know if it starts to irritate you. LOL)
Together with the jacket came the Kenzo top, which you recently saw in my post about a yellow summer jacket.

The jacket is not an easy shape for me as it is not fitted. Some of you might remember the struggle I had with my grey boyfriend jacket (part 1part 2 and part 3). Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions solved that problem for me. She visualized her advice by fabulous sketches how to wear my grey boyfriend jacket.

So after such struggle you’d think I would be warned and stay away from loose jackets. Not me.

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Chunky necklaces

Ina's necklaces 4

Today I am showing you my chunky necklaces. They are all made by Ina Busscher, who became a friend of mine. She sadly died a few years after we met.

I met Ina on a jewellery fair. I had not bought anything (which is a first!) and was on my way out, when I bumped into her. She was looking around, wearing the perfect necklace. So I cried out (I am like that…): “Now if that necklace was for sale, I would have bought it. And your skirt too”. We got to talk, she told me she made the necklace (and the skirt) herself and invited me to stop by her house one day. It took me a year and another invitation, before I got round to that. I immediately got hooked and bought my first and second necklace. Soon more followed and I ended up with 15 pieces by her hand. Love them so much.

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Tuxedo, a smoking suit for women

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More combinations with a little white dress

White dress 14

In my first post of this little white dress, I showed you the dress 1) sleeveless and 2) with a green cardigan.
Because I will not wear sleeveless tops or dresses anymore, you will only find cardigans and a jacket with the dress in this article.

I find it a neglect in us, human beings, that we are not as happy with some things as we are sad for not having them. Does that make sense to you? Let me explain.
I never, ever, was happy with my smooth skin when I was younger. Having it, was just a fact of life.
NOT having a smooth skin anymore does bother me. Not so much that it makes me unhappy but I am very aware of it. Fortunately I am not alone, everybody gets wrinkles. So let’s smile and make the most of what we do have.

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