Outfit of the day and yesterday

Pink MM skirt and pink boots (1 van 1)-3Quite a few outfits didn’t make it to the blog. This time of year is perfect to show them all to you in one go. The first one is my outfit of the day, the rest are outfits of “yesterday” or better said… this summer and fall. View Post

Max Mara sweater with black pencil skirt

MM Green B&W sweater with black pencil skirt (5 van 10)This Max Mara sweater looks black and white but there is a hint of green in it. The photos were taken at the same courtyard with almshouses where we photographed the cream A-line skirt with the “eye shirt”. Not only did we manage to take the pictures in 40 minutes (including driving there and walking up to the place), I also changed skirts and tops. You can see from these photos how cold I was. It seems the colder I get, the more wrinkles are showing. Could also be because I am getting older and older, therefore more wrinkled. Better get used to it as it is not going to get any better. View Post

Flared jeans with flower sweater

Flared jeans with flower sweater (11 van 14)Herewith the fourth way I styled these flared jeans. This time with a flower sweater by Max Mara (Group). From my last trip to Turin. The fabric is some sort of neoprene. Originally this sweater was meant to be used on the cream plisse skirt, which is fine. I can use it on a few other skirts too. But to my surprise it also works with these jeans. I am not complaining.

When we did the photoshoot with these jeans and my (bright) yellow top in the harbour of IJmuiden, I switched tops and we shot this outfit too. By that time I was c. c.. c… cold. And when I am cold, it shows in my face. I get white cheeks and a red nose. Not a pretty sight. I selected the best photos (of course) to show you. View Post

Cream A-line skirt with eye shirt

Cream A line skirt with eye blouse (8 van 11)One freezing Sunday, husband Ron offered to take outfit photos of this cream A-line skirt. He had installed a new app which predicted pretty accurately when it would rain and when the rain would stop. There was a rain-free window between 11.30 and 12.10…..We hurried to the little courtyard with almshouses which he had selected as background. (See more about almshouses in Haarlem.) Rain was a worrying thing but  there was also the temperature to deal with.  It was only 1 or 2 degrees Celcius (34 Fahrenheit). At least there was no wind in the courtyard. View Post

Design & Craft fair this weekend in Amsterdam

Me and my bag (1 van 2)When you are addicted, you should not go to places where you know you are going to be tempted. I know. My shopping addiction or, if you want to sugar that, my love for beauty  😆  forced me to go on a financial diet. One which I had vowed to stick to for 5 months. I lasted 5 weeks. Because of this bag. When you are in The Netherlands this weekend, you should go to the Design & Craft fair in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Below you will find all of my photos. I do appologize for the poor quality. If you want to see better ones and get more information (in English and Dutch), click on this link. I will put the designer’s name with nearly every picture I took and you can find all their stuff for sale in the webshop, which is unfortunately only in Dutch. Never mind … you know what a euro is, you can see the designer’s name and you can see the item… what more do you need?  View Post