Sequins in Le Marais Paris

Sequins in Le Marais When Ron and I were in Paris, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time shopping as I knew he doesn’t like that. Not anymore, I should add. When we met, he would happily shop with me for four hours on a stretch. One sad day that ended.

As Ron found lots of fun places to visit in Paris, I didn’t mind not shopping. Especially not as I had already spent quite a few pennies in Turin and in The Netherlands. So what’s with this sweater in the above photo? Found that on Friday in Le Marais, an area of Paris which is full of lovely shops, cafés and well dressed women. But that was not my fault. Ron wanted to go to the museum of arts and crafts (Musée des Arts et Métiers) and that happened to be very near Le Marais. I didn’t suggest the museum. Please take note of that. View Post

A winter white dress and a visit to Michou

winter white dressHere I am in Paris, wearing a dress from my shopping spree in August at the Max Mara outlet. At the time I kept insisting that this was a summer dress. Both Daniela and the sales assistant told me it was a winter white dress. Being pigheaded, I put it on the next day (… in August in Italy…). And instantly took it off again. Indeed a winter dress. (It looks very good with green fantasy tights and green boots. You will see that futher down this post. View Post

Ping Pong Post with a green feather tunic

Green feather tunicAn additional post this week. Because I was invited to be part of the Ping Pong Post, which means: an item is sent to several bloggers who have to style it their own way. And then we all post the result. This time The Item is a green feather tunic which belongs to Anna (Anna’s Island Style). She is the one who came up with the Ping Pong Post idea and I am really flattered that she included me this time. As she knows I am not half the dare devil she is. View Post

Comfortable clothes for the brocante market at Chatou

Blue high low shirt and marine trousers, ObagThe reason Ron wanted to go to Paris was the huge brocante market at Chatou, just outside of Paris. We have been going there several times in the past 21 years. Only, back in 1995 we had a house full of brocante stuff. Now, we changed to a modern style. Which made me question why we were going. Surely not to buy more brocante? He answered he really liked to go as it was always so much fun. I didn’t argue with that. Besides, apart from the market being nice, three of the four days would be Paris… Stop questioning the guy for his reasons. View Post

A shirt dress in Paris

shirt dress in Paris SportmaxA dress! You see me in a dress! Finally. I wore this shirt dress in Paris and it is by Sportmax. (For the Dutch readers: bought it in Haarlem at Lab Women clothing. Great service.)

Why were we in Paris? Because Ron (husband) wanted to go to a huge brocante market just outside Paris. And…. because the ceiling and the walls of our living room were being painted. Ron hates such things. Therefore, as we left Wednesday early morning, we handed the keys to the painters and gave some last instructions. Ron filled a small carry-on suitcase. I needed a large suitcase. Yes, I know, it was only four days, but the weather was going to be really hot and really cold, sunshine and rain. And there was walking involved and nice dinners.  View Post