Black skirt suit Max MaraThis black skirt suit has been a difficult item to style. When I bought it in 2015 I was in awe because it reminded me of the New Look by Dior in the fifties. But…. (yes there is a but) … there is a whole lot of black going on. I did find out that some bare leg showing (pumps) looked better than boots. You can see the skirt with boots here and with red pumps here. Both outfits were sort of all right but not the kind of outfit you feel terrific in.

And I had bought the skirt together with a jacket in the same colour and material (at the Max Mara outlet ?). I love suits. They give me a rich feeling. As the jacket was nicely fitted, it also gave me a waist (bonus). How to style this suit?

My solution was colour blocking. A yellow jumper and some fuchsia accessories. To give it some pizzazz. Ron found a bright yellow gate, so off we went on a glorious sunny winter day.

Below: “Eeehhh, the wind makes this skirt look strange…..”

Black skirt suit Max Mara

Below: better laugh about the wind, although not that funny.

Black skirt suit Max Mara

Below: no really ….not that funny…

Below: oh yes, the hands… what to do with the hands. Well, I have a pocket, I can hang my finger in the pocket. OH MY GOODNESS, this is a bad pose.

Black skirt suit Max Mara

Below: details my dears, details…. the bag by Picard. You have seen it once before here.

fuchsia bag Picard

Below: the little belt… See how important it is to make sure the belt is UNDERNEATH the button? And not above, creating a belly?

fuchsia belt

Below: the earrings, bought in Paris at Cécile Jeanne, seen before here. If you would compare the earrings below with the ones in the Paris post (I know you won’t), you might notice that the gold piece on the earlobe is different. My earlobes are very thin and the little holes are located very low. The original earlobe piece had a pin positioned in such a way (low), it looked as if the earrings were hanging by a thread of earlobe. Eerie! So I broke off the top bits and replaced them with a gold stud earring. That’s better.

fuchsia earrings

Below: I wasn’t so sure about the fuchsia belt anymore. Was it creating strange proportions? Short upper body, far too long lower body? We decided to try the suit without the belt at another location with less wind. Although the proportions are right, it is more boring.

Black skirt suit Max Mara

Below: again with the belt….

Black skirt suit Max Mara

Now it is up to you to give me advice. What is better? What are my options?

  1. Without the belt but with a big modern brooch?  (I am thinking about that.)
  2. Or replace the buttons with some colourful ones, breaking up the black?
  3. Or have the skirt shortened to knee height?
  4. Something I haven’t thought about yet?

Give me your thoughts please.

Below:  just in case you haven’t looked at the other ways I styled this skirt, here is a reminder. I only like the left one with the cropped top.


No Fear of Fashion



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