Mum and me in HaarlemThis week a little bit of everything if you don’t mind. Last Thursday I went to a costume and accessories exhibition at Modemuze OBA, together with fellow Instagram fashion blogger Carin (catoinamsterdam). She is hugely successful on IG and got invited to the exhibition. Would I like to join? Of course!! And I also want to tell you about my mum visiting us in Haarlem on a wonderful sunny day in March. 

My mum lives an hour drive away from us and usually I fetch her and Ron takes her back. Last Sunday he did both trips so I could relax. Bless him. My mother is 88 and in good health. OK there are some health problems but not major ones. She still lives on her own (dad died 10 years ago) and she can still walk although not long stretches. Only recently she decided that cycling wasn’t a good idea anymore and better get the aid of a rollator than risking a fall.

Above and below: on a terrace in Haarlem, enjoying coffee, cake and sunshine. Unbelievable, it was March 12 and I could take my coat off.


Below: oh… spring is but a short while away.


Below: spotted this really beautiful lady and ran after her. Politely asked whether she would like to be on my blog. Luckily she said yes.

Street Style

Below: there were more people with our terrace idea. Market square of Haarlem, with our old town hall in the background.


Below: 20 meters more to the right, another full terrace on the Market square. In summer all these trees look so lovely.


Below: the people on these terraces have the big Saint Bavo church as their view.


Below: this used to be the former meat market (this building is from 1603, but there was meat trade on this spot from as early as 1386).


Below: this outfit was not a good idea. The top is polyester and was clinging to my body, right at my stomach and belly area. As soon as I saw the photos (this is the best one, not showing anything) I took the top to a friend to enjoy. Perhaps the outfit isn’t bad, but I have got better ones. So why wear this?

Green top, Denham jeans, black and white shoes and bag

Below: the shoes (brand: Maruti) you have seen before in this post where I am dressed like Charlie Chaplin. The bag is a present from my friend Marianne. Another present (so lucky).

Below: back at our place. My mother is still stylish and dresses with care. My father always did as well. No wonder I have a fascination for clothes. If you want to see the whole living room, you can.


It was a very pleasant day.

Now from Oda (my mum’s first name) on to Modemuze OBA. As I said, Carin and I met at the Public Library of Amsterdam for the opening of the exhibition of rare costumes and accessories. As a lot of the costume fabric is fragile it isn’t always possible to display them. Which is why was created: an online platform where you can see thousands of fashion pieces from 12 museums. With explanations and descriptions. Unfortunately for my English readers nearly everything is in Dutch. But I can offer you this English explanation and of course the pictures are great to see.

Below: let me start by showing you some stunning pieces. Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2014.

Modemuze OBA

Below: two pictures of a dress by Jef Montes, Autumn/Winter 2015-2016

Modemuze OBA

Modemuze OBA

The accessories were mostly from the Bag Museum and I have already shown you their stunning pieces before, here and here.

Oh before I forget, here is Carin, always great fun to be with her:

Carin (Catoinamsterdam)

Below: and who did we run into? Misja, my friend the Street Style photographer. You saw her in this post A jeans jacket at a bloggers shoot.

Misja and Carin

Below: Carin and me (I had a problem with my computer which is why this photo is vague).

Greetje and Carin

Below: there were quaint pieces as well, like this bustle, an exact replica from the original (1870-1880). Carin and I wondered how the women wearing this, sat down. Carin decided they didn’t. I thought they might sit on stools.

Modemuze OBA

Below: then one of our favourites, the Leopard Gown (1973), a very heavy gold leather dress by a famous Dutch designer and artist, called Fong Leng. Yes, it was worn. By her principal client Mathilde Willink.

Modemuze OBA Fong Leng dress

Below: this is Judikje Kiers, director of the Amsterdam Museum, where the Fong Leng dress is from. I loved her dress and her choice of shoes and professional bag. It is probably great nonsense as I hardly spoke with her, but I felt I met a kindred soul. And I so want that dress… I love a robe manteau.

Fong Leng dress

As you know I love to photograph real women and there were many lovely specimens.

Below: I was especially attracted to the shoes.

.Modemuze OBA

Below: very much the part.

Modemuze OBA

Below: again the shoes caught my attention first with this lovely lady.

Modemuze OBA

Below: the jacket… !!!

Modemuze OBA

Below: this outfit looked really good.

Modemuze OBA

Below: part of the exhibition hall.

Modemuze OBA

Below: the woman on the right was the lovely PR lady who invited us, Désirée de Jong.

Modemuze OBA

Below: that necklace!!! Being a big necklace lover, I was drawn to this lady like a moth to a flame. She told me she bought it in Spain and it had been worn at an exhibition in London. I told her if she ever got tired of it, I would buy it from her. No chance haha.

Modemuze OBA

Below: one last picture of this gentleman’s jeans (an acquaintance of Misja). Not only the women made an effort.

Modemuze OBA

Lots of pictures this time. Hope you enjoyed it.


No Fear of Fashion

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