Colourful dress worn as a jacketThe black/cream dress and the black/cream zigzag skirt were not the only trophies I acquired from Spain. I also bought something colourful. It was meant to be worn as a dress. I even had the seamstress add two buttonholes at the bottom to make it a better fit.

Then, when I showed it to Ron, I said “There is something wrong with this dress but I can’t put my finger on it”.
He could.
The proportions weren’t right. Because the dress is so wide, it made my legs look like skinny pins.

There was nothing else to do than to add a pair of trousers. Always THE solution for a dress which is too short, although this time that was not the case. I opted for monochrome white as the colours of the dress are ‘loud’ enough (see above).
That monochrome column effect got lost when I wore the dress closed (see below).

Colourful dress worn as a jacket closed

Below: I could have bought the matching trousers too and even the camisole but found it too overwhelming. I know it is a trend but it was wearing me instead of the other way around.

Colourful clothes

My friend Marjolein took the outfit photos for this post. We had planned to shoot at a lovely spot in The Hague. Alas, it rained all day or it drizzled (just as bad for my hair if not worse). By the time I had to go home the rain stopped. Typical.

So we opted for a shopping mall with a lot of light. Not a very inspiring environment, but Marjolein had her creative hat on as you will see.

Below: Marjolein loves purple. I took a photo of her in front of a big LOVE sign.


Below: Sitting on a big plant pot with a tree growing from my head. Nevertheless I like the photo. I had permission to wear eye make-up again but in the photo below you can hardly see that because of my hooded eyes.

Colourful dress worn as a jacket

Below: Happy face. The earrings are by Lara Design which is no surprise, I am sure.

Pink and white earrings by Lara Design

Below: When Marjolein asked me to show the width of the dress/jacket, I forgot to check my collar. Still no stylist out there who wants to help??
Outfit details: bag is Essentiel Antwerp, top is old and was my mum’s, trousers are Denham, the jeansmaker. Shoes from a Dutch shoe shop (Paul Noyen). Dress/jacket is made in Italy without a brand label.

Colourful dress worn as a jacket

Then we did a series of escalator shots. We managed to take photos without any other people in it, which was hard as it was very busy.

Below: Going down, looking up.

Colourful dress worn as a jacket

Below: Going up, looking down haha.

Colourful dress worn as a jacket

Have you noticed I’m wearing bright fuchsia pumps in the escalator photos instead of the white ones? I bet you didn’t. Below is a close-up. Not a very sharp photo but it is all I’ve got as I switched back to the white ones quickly. The heel is easier and Marjolein liked those more.

Fuchsia pumps

Below: Marjolein with her vest open, revealing a black cat on her T-shirt with the text “So what?“.


Below: Close-up of Marjolein’s gorgeous sandals. Of course with purple nail varnish on her toes.

Below: The rain had stopped and even the drizzle wasn’t too bad, so Marjolein quickly took a shot outside where the light is always better. I think this is a beautiful photo. Mind you, it was the 7th shot as I kept forgetting to hold my tummy and stand up straight haha.

Colourful dress worn as a jacket

Below: We had a cappuccino in a café called Petit Paris, to end a short afternoon together. Next time well meet we plan to have more time.
We liked this ‘Eiffeltower’ on the board of Petit Paris.

Petit France menu

What happened in my life this week

Didn’t do an awful lot on Saturday. Just bought flowers at the market.

Sunday both Ron and I visited mum. Ron took a photo of mum and me (below) and yes, I will continue to show photos of mum as I got so many pleas haha.
It is a terrible iPhone photo, very harsh. I have no idea what happened to the colours. Perhaps because the orange sunshade was down? We are laughing because Ron was joking around by telling mum she had something on her nose (not).

With mum

I wore my cream maxi dress which you have seen a couple of times (link to original post), and because the photo above doesn’t bring out the colours of the lovely Lara Design earrings, below a close-up.

Multi colour earring by Lara Design

Monday I finally did my fitness exercises again. Because of cataract surgeries, I had to be careful and refrain from that. Of course I loved not having to do them as I am a very lazy so and so. But my body (and weight) needs these exercises. It took me all morning as I didn’t have anything else to do that day. Did some minor gardening, some grocery shopping, that kind of work. It was bloody hot (around 30 degrees Celsius) and we Dutch aren’t used to that. We mostly see rain. My trip to Spain had prepared me well though.

Below: A video of our garden in the summer and of the back of the house. I managed to combine two videos in Photoshop Premiums Elements, uploaded it to YouTube and got a link for my blog. I am proud of myself.

When I went out cycling as part of the exercises, I did some shopping and wondered why my eyesight wasn’t as good as it is. I blamed it on the sunglasses being too dark only to find out at home, I was wearing my reading glasses hahaha. How stupid can you get?

Tuesday the optometrist checked eye number two: 100% vision. And the little wound in my eye had healed. YAY.
I also had a consult with a plastic surgeon that day to have my eyelids done. Never mind the many wrinkles and the spots on my legs, I can live with those, but these hooded eyes are really getting to me. They feel heavy as if there are weights on my eyelashes which is actually the case, surplus fat and skin. We’ve scheduled it for the end of September as I want there to be some time between the cataract operations and the eyelids operation. Call it vain if you want. I call it possible.

The rest of the day I hardly moved and stayed in the house as it was 37 degrees Celsius. Our house is old (1904) and the high ceilings keep it rather cool in warm days. Nevertheless I turned on the air conditioning in the bedroom with the bedroom door open. After all, hot air rises. We don’t have air conditioning in the rest of the house as that has never been necessary. If climate change is catching up on us, that might very well change. If you haven’t seen our house (living room) and you want to take a peek, click on this link.

Wednesday Marita and I met for coffee at Café Volkslust in Haarlem. Doesn’t she look good? Lovely red and white dress. I am wearing long earrings with a glass pendant at the bottom and sunglasses again as this was the last ‘no eye make-up’ day. (Link to original post with this dress.) We both like red lippies.

Marita and me at café Volkslust

Thursday I got up on at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. as I had to leave the house around 8 to go to mum, load her and the wheelchair into the car and drive to the hospital. The doctor checked the wound and it is healing fine. We were so pleased. Next check-up in two weeks. So here is another photo of her with a cheerful top, taken that day. Next Sunday I cannot take a photo as my brother and his wife will be visiting her instead of me.

Mum again

After dropping mum off at the hairdresser, I continued my way to The Hague to meet Marjolein and do the shoot for today’s outfit post.

Friday Loes and I had a photo shoot for next week’s post. We thought the camera wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t figure out why that was. I hardly know where all those buttons on that thing are for. Long story short: there wasn’t anything wrong with the camera; only a bit too much light and movement. The photos are beautiful and you will see many of them next week.

I will leave you with a quote by Roald Dahl which I found on Nikki’s blog Midlifechic and I couldn’t agree more.
“If you have good thoughts, it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


No Fear of Fashion


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