Green suit with green yellow blouseThe funny thing with me and suits is that I never know how to style the items separately and that should be so easy. Like with this green suit; what would be easier than pairing the green blazer with jeans or white trousers? Or with pink or yellow trousers? And the other way around for the trousers. Still, when I am styling either the blazer or the trousers, I hear a voice in my head saying “they were never meant to be worn separately, they need each other”. Ludicrous of course.

Anyhow, above are the trousers of the green suit (see original post) with one of my top 10 blouses, my green and yellow silk blouse. Immediately after I bought the suit, I styled it in various ways. I know that is the smart thing to do as that is the time you are so enthusiastic about the new purchase that you find the mixing and matching more of a joy and less of a chore.

Loes and I chose a street behind the big Saint Bavo church to do the photo shoot.

Below: The Saint Bavo Church, right in the centre of town.

Saint Bavo Church Haarlem

Below: Starting on the terrace of a café behind the church, with the whole suit, champagne coloured booties (EIJK) and the green/yellow blouse.
The blush pink bag is one from a sale quite some years ago. Brand Sequoia.

Green suit with green yellow blouse

Below: We walked into a little street where somebody was obviously fond of pot plants.

Pretty building in Haarlem

Below: Perfect background. I think I have to roll up my sleeves. I think the blazer looks a bit too formal like this.

Green suit with green yellow blouse

Below: At the chocolate shop Pierre, I decided to do the “sitting backwards on a chair” pose. In hindsight, not that flattering. Tricky pose.

Green suit with green yellow blouse

Below: Hiding from the wind in front of this store.

Green suit with green yellow blouse

Below: Although it was still far too cold for this spring coat, I thought it was the only appropriate one.

Pastel pink spring coat

Below: Close-up of the Lara Design earrings.

Earrings lime with tortoise Lara Design

Below: Pretty building.

Pretty Building in Haarlem

It wasn’t very warm that day, so we hurried into a restaurant (Metzo) and had coffee with pastel de nata.

Below: Loes.


What happened in my life this week

I went on my obligatory walk which really hurts my left knee but I get to see beautiful views. Like this one in the park (below). Unfortunately my good camera is still too heavy to take with me so I have to settle for my iPhone.

Beautiful view in a park

My friend Jeanne (below) visited me, bringing chocolate. I took this iPhone photo of her and should have done better. The difficult thing is that I need reading glasses to see how a photo has turned out. And those glasses are always somewhere else. (Before you start giving me advice, I am not ready for glasses on a chain.) Jeanne is my oldest friend, from when we were in secondary school together.


Ron had put the garden chairs out as you can see in the photo above and below, but alas…it is not really warm enough to sit outside. Slowly some plants are appearing but our gardener warned us there is much more to come. Ron is impatient and wants to plant new ones right now. Which is not really the right time. Anyway, Ron doesn’t want to wait for the gardener and is going to buy plants himself and put them in the ground together with our friend and neighbour Froukje. She knows a lot about plants. We already bought some pot plants to cheer things up a bit. Ron picked roses and put them in an old coffee jar for Jeanne’s visit.

The garden early April

Marcella popped by and fixed one of my earrings. Later that day I looked her up in the shop where she works to take a photo as I had forgotten that (below). The shop isn’t hers as Marcella sells through her web shop, but she likes to keep in contact with customers, so she works a couple of days a week there.

Marcella in the shop

That day I had my hair done as well. Below: my hairdresser Inge and me. She cut it rather short this time but I bet it keeps its shape better this way.

At the hairdresser

Thursday Marjolein and I had lunch at the neighbourhood restaurant, a location which turned out to be perfect for blog photos. Marjolein was my photographer and you will see the photos next week. After that we wandered into town. YES, I can do that again. I do have to sit down now and again, but I didn’t have any pain that afternoon.

Friday Ron surprised me by suggesting going to Amsterdam to a well-known (and well-loved by me) department store. I still have a lovely amount in credit to spend there (Christmas present). It was supposed to be bad weather that day, so what better destination for a shopaholic than a department store with credit to spend. As it turned out, it was pretty nice weather.

Below: Amsterdam canal in April. It will be so nice when the trees have really green leaves and the sun is out.

Amsterdam canal in April

Below: The town was buzzing with tourists (too many really) and all the terraces were occupied. I love how the cafes just annex every curb space there is, like on this bridge over a canal.

Amsterdam terrace near a canal

We couldn’t find anything at the department store because I was looking for something too specific. A pair of wide dark jeans. Like the one I had seen and ordered two months ago but which was too short. I felt sorry for Ron having to wait all the time, so I said: “Let’s go to G-Star Raw as I like their jeans, they have a lot of different jeans and they also have my favourite boyfriend jeans which needs replacing.” I succeeded in the latter but didn’t find a wide one that suited me.

Below: We had lunch at a small restaurant. Here is my lovely husband who has turned 75 this year.


Below: On our way home the sun decided to come out and I saw this little statue of a cartoon figure from a famous Dutch comic strip. It is the reporter Argus from the comic trip Olivier B. Bommel (a bear in a checked jacket). I like how the city of Amsterdam is planting flower beds everywhere. This is on both sides of a tram line. We need as much green as possible.

Statue of the reporter in the stories of Olivier B. Bommel

And that concludes this week.


No Fear of Fashion


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