Black and white blazer with a black skirtHurray, I found something I could wear and doesn’t hurt or show my bloated tummy. It is a wool skirt by Wolford which I found somewhere in a second-hand shop a while ago. Very good quality of course. The black and white blazer you have seen before, worn with green trousers. The skirt I wore for warmth underneath my pleated summer skirt. It appeared on the blog for the first time with a green/white/black polka dot jumper, an outfit I still really like but I gave away the top (why??).

Black and white outfits are all the rage this season so, although it is all old stuff, I created something fashionable with it. To add some colour and modernity to the outfit I chose my burgundy boots and my bright pink earrings by Lara Design. Marcella of Lara Design changed the button on my earlobe by my request from white to golden.

Below: Marijke (one of the BVA girls) visited me this week and I pushed the camera in her hands and said: “You have to photograph this outfit as my photo stock is running out”. Marijke is very easy going so she laughed and complied.


Below: As background we chose the neighbourhood which I found on one of my walks.

Black and white blazer with a black skirt

Below: I had asked Marijke to be my “stand-in” and she decided to pull a serious model face and emphasize her trainers.


Below: That seriousness didn’t last very long. It is a blurry but fun photo and it conveys her joyful character.


Below: It was windy again so I tried my best to keep my hair in shape (failed miserably).

Black and white blazer with a black skirt

Below: Trying to get my hair back the way I want it. I always carry a comb with me. Marijke asked me whether I minded my knees being visible between the skirt and the boots. My answer was: “Not at all.” I was wearing black hold-ups (thigh highs) but they could have been more opaque. The fact that the boots are pretty wide at the top is new in fashion and I don’t mind that either.

Black and white blazer with a black skirt

Below: A little bit further down the road, we spotted a blossom tree.

Black and white blazer with a black skirt

Below: Oh yes, that makes a really pretty background, especially with the pink earrings. It is all in the details.

Black and white blazer with a black skirt

Below: Close-up of the earrings.

Pink earrings by Lara Design

So nice when my friends are helping me with an impromptu photo shoot.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a glorious day with sunshine. Ron and I went into town for coffee on a terrace. Unfortunately my selfie was so bad that I had to cut Ron out of the photo.

in the sun on a terrace

Below: I was wearing my olive coloured trousers and French Kande jewellery. My friend Susan of ‘Une femme d’un certain âge‘ wears a lot of their jewellery and I like it too. She arranged for me to buy the necklaces in a sale (rare for this brand) and gave me the bracelet as a present. (Link to a post for details of the necklaces.)
The trousers were the only pair that felt all right with my tummy. That is, for a while. I took them off when I got back.

Olive coloured trousers with French Kande jewellery

Sunday we had a nice spontaneous chat with neighbours in a new neighbourhood restaurant.

Tuesday Marijke came and we chatted before we took the photos for this blog post.

Below: Wednesday Marja visited me. Of course we had a lovely time together.
Observe the two embroidered black stripes coming out of her breast pocket.

Marja visiting me

Below: The back of her shirt jacket with more embroidery. What a stellar garment.

The back of Marja's shirt jacket

Below: I wore the same wool skirt that day. This time with cream boots and a blue jumper carefully hiding my belly. You have seen the jumper before with blue trousers and with cream trousers.
Wearing black opaque hold-ups here, which I think looks better. The skirt looks blue in this photo, like the jumper, but is black. I have no problem (anymore) wearing black and blue together.

Below: Close-up of the Angela Caputi necklace I am wearing in above photo. Black and white with two very small yellow beads in between. The black beads are faceted.
(Link to a 2018 post with this necklace with a white shirt in a summer outfit.)

Angela Caputi necklace black, white and yellow

Below: And these are my new Lara Design earrings which I am wearing with the above necklace. I think they are a good match.

Earrings Lara Design yellow with golden

Friday was a great day too. Lia and Harry came and the four of us had coffee and lunch at the neighbourhood restaurant.

Below: They arrived with a bunch of flowers. Luckily, the flowers in that spot had just wilted.


Below: Lia in front of their custom-made camper.


Harry is a mechanic and has a creative soul. He single-handedly built this camper. I had totally forgotten to take a photo while they were here, so Harry took one of Lia on the camping site where they were spending the night.
Below: The same photo but now you can also see their view. Typical Dutch landscape.

Lia and the camper

So much for this week. Next week it should be warmer and without rain. Fingers crossed.


No Fear of Fashion




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