Red and white striped jacket on jeansAlthough I really like this red and white striped jacket, I am not able to style it in a way that screams wow. Jeans are the only trousers that springs to mind. The last time you saw this jacket (I think) was in February 2020 with my boyfriend jeans and flat booties.

Ron and I went into Haarlem for a coffee so I needed flat shoes. My white baseball trainers are the best for that. Thinking of all these posts I had to plan ahead, I asked Ron to take iPhone photos while we were out. They aren’t the best quality pictures, not like the ones with my proper camera, but at least I had stock for another post.

Below: Hmmm…not really that flattering but still. Cappuccino at Vascobelo’s.

Red and white striped jacket on jeans

Below: After the photo above, Ron took the photo below. When I asked him why on earth he did that, he answered: “You’re always asking for head-to-toe photos. If you combine both photos, you’ve got a head-to-toe shot”. Honestly…that man!

Red and white striped jacket on jeans

Below: We didn’t take many photos, so I am using this one as well, though it is very similar to the first one. The blue with gold bag is by Dries van Noten (sale item). The earrings are of course Lara Design.

Red and white striped jacket on jeans

Below: When I got home, I tried the jacket worn open with the belt tied at the back, my flared jeans and red booties. Looks pretty good to me.

Red and white striped jacket on jeans

Below: But…this is what the belt looked like at the back. Really messy. And even if I could have straightened it, I think I still wouldn’t like it. This shot gives you a closer look at the earrings and the fabric of the jacket.

Red and white striped jacket on jeans with pink and red earring from Lara Design

Below: In the end I pulled the belt through the loops at the side twice, thus making sure it stays put. It creates less waist but I liked it best.

Red and white striped jacket on jeans

So much for the jacket.

What happened in my life this week

Lovely week with many friends visiting me, starting with Marita (below) on Saturday.


She brought me flowers and chocolates in a chocolate flowerpot. At the end of the day my husband came home with more chocolates and a couple of meringues (which I love). This has got to stop. I know it doesn’t matter as far as my weight is concerned but the last time I ate a lot of chocolate (December) my face broke out in spots. And all these presents make me so shy.

More presents

In the weekend my BVA friends kept me in the loop by sending videos of their goings-on in Maastricht. They were in such a lovely boutique hotel that they are already planning another visit next year (then I can be with them).

To get stronger I still walk twice a day and while walking you see so many things, like this cute neighbourhood with blossom trees.

Nice neighbourhood

Below: In another neighbourhood a magnolia tree, ready to burst into full bloom.

Magnolia tree

Below: I even saw a gnome village.

Gnome village

Below: I finished the puzzle that Loes gave me. It is a wooden owl. Just goes to show I have a lot of time on my hands.

Owl puzzle

Below: Marjolein came to see me on Monday, bringing sweets and home-made jam. The weather was bright and sunny. I love her jumper. We do share a love for clothes.


Below: The outfit I created for Marjolein’s visit. The black and white blazer, my leather jogging trousers, my hairy Harries. (Link to 2016 post with the boots and a nice photo of Misja. Gosh, my (front) teeth were really sticking out back then and I never noticed it.) The bright blue top has been in my wardrobe for ages (see at the bottom of this post with my wide fuchsia skirt).

black leather trousers with black and white blazer

Below: Tuesday I met Misja on a lovely sunny terrace looking out onto the market and with the big Saint Bavo church in the background. We found a spot in the sun with no wind and it was lovely. I had forbidden her to bring me flowers or chocolates, but I should have extended my restrictions. She brought me the British Vogue. Luckily I hadn’t read that one yet.
Aren’t her glasses the bomb? With sparkles in the corners.


Below: I brought the easter bunny downstairs. It looks as if it is made of chocolate with a wrapping, but it is actually a little stone statue. Ron gave it to me years ago. One of these things that take up space in your closet and only comes out for a month (max) a year, but it is nice.

Easter bunny

Below: Ron put a chair out in the garden with a little side table for me to sit in the sun. Well, it made a pretty picture, but I will leave it till next week as it is still too cold in our garden at the moment. Watson wanted to photobomb.
(Link to original post in 2017 wearing the dress with cognac coloured knee high boots.)

In the garden in the sun

Below: Eefje is another friend who paid me a visit and we also went to town to have a drink and a chat. Gorgeous woman with a big heart. We’ve been friends for about 38 years now. We don’t see each other much, but we just pick up where we left off. I had also forbidden her to bring chocolates or flowers. She found a way around it and brought me a big bottle of olive oil from their own olive trees.


Thursday was a day of rest. No sunshine, no visitors.

Below: On one of my walks I saw these beautiful houses.

Beautiful house

Friday it was Helga’s turn to look me up (see Helga below); she always looks great. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.


Late that afternoon Ron and I went to check out a new restaurant in the neighbourhood. They offer coffee (and sweets), lunch, drinks and a simple evening meal. Yay.

Below: I wore this outfit, which appalled Ron. He nearly didn’t want to go out with me. Thought I looked ridiculous. Oh well, tastes differ. It is the tiered ruffle skirt from Hope Fashion UK (which company is regrettably out of business), worn with combat boots, a dress (you can only see the top bit of it) and a black top for warmth.

Outfit with tiered ruffled skirt by Hope Fashion


No Fear of Fashion


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