Diane von Fürstenberg jacket

Diane von Fürstenberg jacket blue pink and redLast week Ron wanted to shoot two outfits in one afternoon “so he wouldn’t have to go the following week”. Because, contrary to what you probably think, Ron doesn’t really like taking my pictures. He only does it out of love for me. Oohhh this is getting soppy.

Anyway, that is why I had to think fast. I bearly had the time to come up with one outfit, let alone two. Lightbulb moment. The Diane von Fürstenberg jacket! View Post

Green sweater Max Mara

Green sweater Max MaraLast Sunday…Ron said: “How about some outfit photos while it is dry and sunny outside?”… Oh dear, I had to think hard which outfit I was going to present to you. I knew you hadn’t seen this green sweater by Max Mara yet, which is the last buy from my Turin trip to visit Daniela. Lazy as I am (or busy…. doesn’t that sound a lot better?), I had not styled this sweater yet. Just threw it on, put some black trousers on, looked at my tooshie (as Michelle of Retro Chic Mama called it.. so sweet) and thought “Oh well .. OK”. I did try this sweater with the pink/beige skirt but that didn’t work. View Post

Checked black and white top

Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (4 van 4)Husband Ron has very good connections and lovely friends. One of them is Shoshanna who has recently changed career and is now a professional photographer. Ron asked her to make the photos for this post. We went to the old tram depot in Amsterdam, which is a bit of a run-down area. Very industrial which makes a nice contrast with the clothes I was wearing. The result of my visit to Dan (The Pretty Cute) gave me plenty outfits to choose from. As a matter of fact, I brought 4 outfits to the photo shoot. For this post I chose the checked black and white top. View Post

Red short coat and a top hat

This coat is by Kenzo and timeless in my opinion. Perhaps I can update it better by wearing other shoes with it or something like that. Did not try my new modern patent leather shoes as my dearest husband gave them to me after these photos were taken. I do like these Hugo Boss boots a lot as well.

In an attempt to make the coat even more fun I added a real top hat. We bought this vintage hat years ago in its original case. My husband said it looked nice on me. But…. the next day…..when I asked him whether he dared going to a department store with me wearing the hat, he declined. I have never known the man to lie to me, so what is happening here?

I have no idea what you think of it. But I dread your opinion, haha.
So, for a more “normal” look, here are photos without the hat.

Well, I am very curious what you have to say about it.

Lime corduroy jacket

Because it is going to be a strange week with Christmas, I decided to post today. I will post again on Wednesday.

Lime is one of my favourite colours, much to my own surprise. Photographing my outfits made me realize that.
Just a couple of weeks ago I showed you my new lime jacket. When I bought it I knew in my heart it was totally superfluous……And yes it is. Because here is my old lime jacket. Different material (corduroy) and not my favourite as it is hard to combine.
In the near future I will show you this jacket with a beige/cream corduroy pair of trousers. Today with my trusted 7/8 black trousers and my “Hairy Harrys”.
The long necklace is made for me by a beads shop and the shorter one is made by Anja, the multi-talented girl.

Above: Anja’s necklace.
Below the necklace I had made to match a pair of summer sandals (I know…. I am a mental case.)

Till Wednesday.