Black IRO boots

Black IRO bootsOh I paid deerly for this shoot. In lots of ways. One, because these black IRO boots are too high for a person with a bad knee. Even for 15 minutes, which is how long the photo shoot lasted. Two, because it was very, very cold. And three, because I had sworn not to buy anything anymore and failed miserably. View Post

Having coffee in Haarlem with Misja on a Saturday morning

Coffee in Haarlem with MisjaAnything to do with friends is high on my list. Having coffee in Haarlem with Misja on a Saturday morning is just my cup of tea (pun intended). You have seen Misja on my blog several times (like here). She is a photographer who has a Street Style blog about people over 50. Beautiful pictures and a real tribute to men and women over 50. Her blog is : (my link will get you to her English version). She blogs both in Dutch and English. Would be too much hard work for me. View Post

Cream wide skirt with two tops

Cream skirt Marella with two tops (8 van 8)Right… let’s start at the bottom this time and show you these awesome shoes I bought in Turin when I was with Daniela. They are by Max Mara and photographed by Shoshanna, the girl who also photographed my checked black and white peplum top with the black trousers. The angle Shoshanna chose is brilliant. You can see the screw through the perspex and .. through the left heel you can see the point of the right shoe. I love this photo and ignore the fact that my vains are getting more visible every day (note to self: get rid of them this winter). The shoes are one of two pairs which I combine with a cream wide skirt in this post. Makes the skirt modern (IMO). View Post

Shopping at the Max Mara outlet

SAMSUNG CSCHaving arrived at Turin on Thursday afternoon, there was Daniela to meet me at the airport. We stuffed all my suitcases in the back of her small car and went for our first cappuccino. And dinner at Eataly. It was so nice to meet one another again. Friendship through blogging. View Post

Patent leather booties, cream skirt and black cardi

When visiting my stepdaughter for her birthday, my husband had one of his “love urges”. You probably wonder what this phenomenon entails… It means he is overflowing with love for the one(s) he is with and wants to do him/her/them a big favour.
Being his wife, I spend more time with him than other people so I am usually the lucky one. YOU CAN TOTALLY CLEAN HIM OUT when he is in this mood. Which I don’t.

This time his daughter and me were taken to a very good shoe shop and we each got two pairs of booties as a present. (He bought some lovely boots for himself as well.)

Here are my new black patent leather/suede shoes (booties?). I immediately started to combine my new shoes with what I have in my wardrobe. These modern shoes really update my old stuff. I feel terribly modern.

The colour of the top is neon lime. I bought the cardigan-jacket 4 weeks ago but I have not worn it yet. The skirt is three years old and a copy of a nine years old skirt. (A pencil skirt is a pencil skirt. Not much will change there.) My speckled tights are hard to see apart from the close-up. The light was terrible for photographing. The necklace and ring are made by Anja.

I know you should not brag about yourself but when I see a photo like the one above, I cannot help thinking: “gosh women, you might not be perfect, but your legs are”. (Sorry, not very modest.)

I need some help in photographing jewellery in close-up. Something to strive for.