Shorts and a silk topBoy, oh boy…what a heat. It is 34 degrees Celcius (93 F) in the Netherlands. We Dutch aren’t used to such temperatures. This is a country where it rains all the time. Granted, it did rain for 6 weeks in June and July, but not all the time and the sun came out as well. And when the sun is showing its face as well, it doesn’t count as a rainy day. But this heat…man, you cannot do a thing, sweat dripping from my head to my toes.

I decided this was THE time to buy a pair of shorts and I was all set to go into town (in that heat), when I remembered a pair of shorts somewhere at the back of my wardrobe. I wondered whether a new one would be that much better it was worth going into town for. Found the shorts in my wardrobe and pimped them up a bit with sandals, belt and top. (Pimping up is a Dutch expression, I think. Are you familiar with it? It means making it prettier.)

The top isn’t really silk but it feels like it. Wore it for the first time in this post in Turin.

For various reasons (heat, kidney stone etc) I wasn’t able to go out on photo shoots, so I asked Ron to come to the rescue.

Below: Ron doesn’t like me holding on to something, so he commented: “Nice and sturdy that shed, isn’t it?” Yes, sarcasm is humour to me too.

Shorts and a silk top

Below: We tried several positions to give you some variation. Trying to wipe the sweat from my neck.

Shorts and a silk top

Below: Ron gave me this old bird cage to hold and I had no idea what he meant. So I held it up as if I was a hook where it hung from. “NO….” he said, “You have to look at the little bird.” It cracked me up.

Shorts and a silk top

Below: A view of the back. OK, still a small bum, but if I wear my top like this, it doesn’t look too bad.

Shorts and a silk top

Below: I said: “Come on, take another head-to-toe shot.” The bracelet is vintage from Bella, the Citizen Rosebud, sold through her vintage Etsy shop, Bloom Town Vintage. The belt is by Isabel Marant, the top by Storm and Marie, the suede sandals by EIJK Amsterdam. The sandals are called the Lucille strap sandals black (still available). The strap across your instep is adjustable.

Shorts and a silk top

Below: Close-up of the sandals.

EIJK sandals

Below: Husband Ron was enjoying his ‘new invention’. He has clipped a water hose with sprinklers on to the awnings.

water curtain

Below: Can you see the water haze? It cooled really nicely. After I had been to the hairdresser two days later, I didn’t join him in that spot any longer. If the wind was turning even a little bit, you got wet. That is very refreshing but absolutely devastating for my hair-do.

Water curtain

Below: I received a request to show our cat Sophie. Here she is.


Below: And another photo of her. She looks sweet but she is all teeth and claws.

Cat Sophie

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. Nothing happened. Hot, hot, hot. We went to the beach for an hour or 2 with dog Watson really early and didn’t move the rest of the day.

Sunday: Did my exercises in the morning (the discipline…I am so proud). Didn’t do a thing all day. Had a Facetime conversation with Anja (my ex-neighbour but still my friend), who has arrived in Spain at her new home, which is still being renovated. She showed me around with her iPad. I am so pleased for her.

Monday. Hurray. No more kidney stone after-pain. No need for any painkillers anymore. That’s that. Glad it is over.

Had to go to the vet with cat Sophie to have her vaccinated again. Before she went into her travel basket, she got a tranquilizer. For her sake, mine and the vet. The vet said she dropped quite a lot of weight, so I have to keep an eye on her.

In the afternoon I went back to the salon to have my eyebrows touched up (standard procedure). The girl also made the colour a bit lighter. Wore this outfit, which is my blog logo. (Link to original post. scroll down a bit.) I couldn’t wear my body shaper so my waist looks bigger. If you think, gosh she looks tanned… no I am not, that is caused by the orange awnings which are out haha.

Lime yellow linen dress

When I came home, I just took everything off but briefs and dress:

Lime yellow linen dress

Tuesday. Another hot hot day. Had to go to the dentist first and after that to the piercing shop again. I thought both my earlobes were healed, but it turned out that the left one is still a bit so so. The piercer did put in my own gold earrings, but I have to take care of the left earlobe, not take the earring out for a week and not sleep on that side for a week.
I will be so pleased when the whole earlobe and eyebrow thing is done. It is getting annoying.

In the afternoon the hairdresser made my hair look beautiful again. But I am afraid that all this sweat pouring from my skull ruined it. Wore this that day. I wasn’t all that keen on the shoes or the trousers but didn’t have the time to think. (Link to original post.)

Lemon yellow trousers with tunic shirt

Wednesday. As I was going through my mail on my iPhone at breakfast, I received an email from husband Ron, sitting right across from me. Subject line was: “Starting the morning well”, together with this picture of me whahaha:

Thankfully it is not a sharp photo. I always put on my shower cap to keep my hair away from my face when I apply day cream and sun protection cream. Then I’ll leave it for half an hour before I wipe off the remaining grease from my face. Wearing reading glasses here and not having any make-up on. Charming. When I was about 29, I had a Scottish boyfriend who called my shower cap ‘a passion killer’.

Wore one of my Max Mara outlet dresses (link to original post), see below. I decided not to elongate the dress with a pencil skirt as it was too scorching hot. Instead I didn’t cinch the waist, thus allowing the dress to hang longer.

Blue summer dress

In the morning I met my friend Yvonne, from whom I buy vitamin supplies. Had a coffee and a chat. You can see that I am taking the ‘less sunbathing’ seriously as I feel very pale next to Yvonne.

Yvonne and me

In the afternoon Kitty and I did a photo shoot. Oh the heat…I thought I was melting.

Thursday. I was to meet my friend Helena in Amsterdam but we decided it was too hot and we postponed our date to September.
After seeing yesterday’s morning photo, I decided to better my life and came downstairs with make-up on. I brushed my hair but didn’t style it. Got another email from Ron with the subject line: “Just a bit of combing and you’ll look like someone I know”. OK, granted, there is room for further improvement tomorrow. I thought it was funny enough to put both morning photos on Instagram. For some truth haha.

The eyebrows will hopefully get lighter.

Morning face day 2

Friday. I came to breakfast fully clothed, make-up on and hair styled. After all, you have to work on your marriage, right?

The temperatures had dropped a bit and in the morning it was a little cloudy. HURRAY. I got dressed in my RIXO London dress (link to original post), but put my white block heeled sandals on instead of my red patent leather peeptoe shoes. I prefer the red ones, but for walking through town, the white ones are better.

RIXO London dress

Did some errands and at 12 o’clock the sun blasted again. No movement from me in the afternoon. Then at the end of the afternoon, it got cloudy and some rain fell. So needed. Ron suggested we would go and have dinner at a beach restaurant. Well, why not? I dressed accordingly but with an upgrade on the shoes:

Shorts with baby blue shirt

Just as we were going out the door, Ron spotted a stain on my shirt. Solved it by putting a necklace on to cover it. Below at the beach with not such a wonderful background as you might expect from a beach but Ron was impatient. The shoes are from L’autre chose and you can see them better in this post (you have to scroll down a bit).

Dinner at the beach

We had a lovely meal and that’s it for this week.


No Fear of Fashion

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