Bright blue jacket with white trousersAdmittedly, there is not a whole lot of difference between the styling of this bright blue jacket with white trousers the last time and this time. Last time my heels were higher and the top and accessories leaned towards more chic. As I didn’t wear the trousers enough with the high heels, I hemmed them shorter and put on my white braided heels. They still have a pointy toe but are much more comfortable.

I spent the day with Katrien, a former colleague, in her lovely town Leiden. Today you will not see anything of beautiful old Leiden as I showed you photos of that town two weeks ago (at the end of the post). To make up for the little variety in this outfit, I will show you a lot of photos of Katrien. She is very unique in her styling and great at designing and sewing her own clothes. You might get inspired.

Alas, there is a problem with the braided slingbacks, a problem which did not occur with the higher heel I had on before.

Below: See? The trousers are getting caught in the shoe. Darned. Oh well, I can always use my white pointy boots instead or hem the trousers up even higher and wear them with sneakers.

Trousers stuck in my heels

As the coffee was so good at Lavendi Coffee the week before, Katrien and I had our cappuccino there as well.

Below: Two photos of Katrien, one without and one with glasses. I think I took a pretty good portrait.



Below: Katrien is definitely not a woman who is afraid to stand out. Quite the contrary. Looking like everybody else is something she will never do. The skirt she is wearing, she sewed herself from old children’s bedroom curtains. She got a lot of compliments on the skirt that day.

Katrien full length

Below: Remember her puffy coat from February? Also designed and made by her.

Katrien in colourful puffer coat

After our great cappuccinos Katrien took me to a very upmarket shop, called Main street. Really, the brands in that shop are taking fashion and outfits to a higher level. I was quite pleased with my outfit, until I put on a sweater by Dries van Noten, hanging in their shop. Suddenly my own outfit felt outdated, old-fashioned, dowdy. So I got the sweater, even though it is white with black, not my best colours. Just couldn’t resist it. Of course they had more things that I wanted but they were out of my league. It is nice to have a few really good shops like that around.

Below: We had lunch at the office of Katrien’s husband, giving me the chance to meet her husband. He very graciously paid for the delicious lunch and Katrien sweet-talked her way into the upstairs space where these wooden sculptures are displayed.

Wooden art

wooden art

Below: OK, now me and the ornaments.

Bright blue jacket with white trousers

Below: We tried another angle to get a good head to toe shot. The T-shirt is a design by my niece but she only sells in bulk to shops. I decided to use a long small belt to elongate my shorter upper body, but the difficult thing is, there aren’t any loops on the trousers. This means the belt never stays in place. Of course for the photo we made sure it sat right, but this is not a good option. Because I had back pain, I didn’t wear my body shaper that day, which adds a size to my waist and to my belly (it really does). At the time I wasn’t aware I was suffering from kidney stones.
Holding my tummy for the photo. Hadn’t washed my hair which makes it stringier and thinner. Never mind, I am the only one who notices this.

Bright blue jacket with white trousers

The outfit was documented, so time to go straight to the second shop Katrien wanted to show me: Lionheart Vintage, Haarlemmerstraat 190 in Leiden. As the name indicates this was quite 180 degrees from the first shop. Mix and match eh ladies?

Below: The owner is Antoinette and what a cheerful, energetic person she is. Never gets tired or grumpy, she just keeps on coming up with new ideas. And not in pushy way, quite the contrary. She is a treat to customers. Katrien is contemplating about the oversized denim jacket which was so good.


Below: After Antoinette and Katrien admired the green dress, the green jacket was the next thing to consider. Funny thing is, they called it Kermit green, which is exactly how I call my green jacket.

Antoinette and Katrien

Below: Katrien tried it on with this denim skirt and a denim blue leather bag. The jacket and the bag were a done deal.


Below: Even though the skirt looked custom-made, Katrien is much wiser than I am and she didn’t buy it. At home she has a beautiful wide pair of jeans (Vivienne Westwood) which is perfect for the green jacket.


Below: I tried the jacket on as well, but for me it was too short. My own jacket is longer and has a bit more yellow in the green. Both things are better for me. The white flared jeans I have on, did come home with me. The prices at Lionheart Boutique are soooo friendly, I couldn’t leave them behind.

Trying on a Kermit green jacket

Below: Inspecting Katrien’s new bag. My hair is a mess after trying on loads of things over my head, but at least I don’t have to worry about exposed extensions.

Bright blue jacket with white trousers

Below: Katrien had another look around.


Below: Shot of lovely Antoinette. She is terrific at styling and gives you the idea of having gained a friend.


It was a lovely day which I really enjoyed. In spite of the back ache and financial pain. Perhaps I need to be hypnotized in order not to spend so much money. Could that be a solution?

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. The kidney stone pain came back, just as the doctor predicted. Darned. In the weekend only at night, which is still no pleasure. During the day it was better. I couldn’t wear anything pressing on my tummy or back, so the dress below was perfect (link to original post). The weather was rather nice, but I had to change again around dinner time. Did anything happen that day? No. Only Anja, leaving for Spain, for good. Bah.

Outfit Saturday pink and orange maxi dress

Sunday. Lousy day. pain, nothing to do etc.

Monday. I was supposed to meet a woman I “met” on Instagram and who lives in Amsterdam. But as the pain came back during the day, I cancelled. We will see each other another time. The only fun things that day, was lying in the sun from 15.00 to 17.00 hours (covered in SPF 50) in the garden and Ron’s home cooked dinner. Ron is always the one who cooks and he is getting better and better. With me, if it takes more than half an hour or requires more than 3 pans…I am out. Hate cooking. Ron made chicken with marinade and mustard plus haricots verts and lentils. It was so delicious that I ate every little scrap plus I emptied the pan. I am a fortunate woman.

Tuesday. Got myself energized to do my exercises (proud of myself) and then I was fed up with that kidney stone. Rang the doctor and she agreed and gave me the papers for further examination. Got myself an appointment for an X-Ray and an echo on Wednesday.

Ron and I had a consult by telephone with the notary about a legal document. To be signed later this month. All done. The weather here is getting warmer and warmer. Wore this Cabi dress, nothing pinching my waist or belly or back (link to original post):

Outfit Tuesday Floral dress by Cabi

Ron ordered a ‘steampunk’ face mask. No idea what that is? Neither did I. Well here it is (daft man):

Ron steampunk mask

Wednesday. Echo and X-Ray at the hospital. Fortunately, there wasn’t a kidney stone in sight. They could see it had been there and that there was still some grit on its way out, but no stones anymore. I can go out again; I don’t have to be afraid of a major attack lurking in the background.

We celebrated by eating paella in the garden of our friends Georg and Marla. Ron made it. I swear, that man is getting better and better at cooking. Lucky me. Wore this very light summer dress all day and switched for heels in the evening (link to original post).

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Thursday. To the beach with Ron and dog Watson to meet Ron’s “girlfriend”. He met a lady with a dog there one day and the dogs are very fond of each other. So when they can, they meet. Lovely lady.

In the afternoon I headed to Utrecht to deliver some stuff to my stepdaughter (and take other stuff home). It was very hot and I cannot stand anything tight around my waist/belly yet. That area is still sore. Thank god for summer dresses. Wore this one again (link to original post).

Green summer maxi dress by Essentiel

After visiting my stepdaughter I drove into town (oh gosh the parking garage fees…) and met my friend Aafke, the bubbly, happy personality. She showed me the former post office of Utrecht, converted into a huge library. So beautiful.

Below: Two photos of the building.

Utrecht former post office hall

Utrecht former post office detail

We had a lovely dinner on the terrace of Danel in Utrecht. The food was excellent and the staff really went out of their way to accommodate me. I wanted a piña colada and they didn’t have that on the menu. They got the ingredients from the restaurant next door and made me an excellent one. How about that for service!! One of the waiters offered to take a photo of Aafke and me. Needless to say it was a smashing evening.

Aafke and me

Friday. Really too hot to do anything but…I did do my exercises so I am very proud. Went to the pedicure on my bike (another exercise box ticked). Then I noticed I couldn’t really pull out the drawers from the freezer. I had to defrost it and that only took 20 minutes. Did some gardening, blogging and got a tranquilizing pill for my cat as she has to go to the vet on Monday.

Stood on a chair in the garden and Ingrid, my next door neighbour, got onto her table and we chatted over the fence haha. Very Covid-19 proof. Wore this that day (link to original post -scroll down):

Grey linen trousers and white shirt


No Fear of Fashion

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