One of my readers commented last week that she was quite surprised when my site loaded with the monochrome cream outfit. She was expecting a colour bomb as usual. Today is “as usual” again haha. This neon yellow top proves to be ever so useful in creating outfits. The starting point of this outfit were the big colourful earrings. They are by Baublehause; the owner and creator of these polymer clay earrings is Anne, a charming, hardworking entrepreneur, but foremost designer.

Most of my recent earrings are by Lara Design and the older ones are gold, acquired during my life. Baublehaus has different earrings which also appeal to me. I already bought two pairs from her art deco collection (black ones and mint green ones). They are statement earrings and ever so light, especially if you consider the size.

Of course I can wear them with any plain colour, but for the first post I decided to go all out. The trousers are blue or purple, depending on the light and the lime yellow of the top and the orange of the boots are in the earrings as well. (Note: I insist that these patent leather booties are orange. Not red. Just so you know.)

Loes was my photographer this time for which I am grateful as I wanted a lot of photo shoots in stock for the weeks that I will be without make-up due to the eyelid lift. That operation by the way, has been postponed to next Thursday as I have a little infection at the bottom of one eyelid, ergo, no operation last week. Hopefully it will be gone by next week.

Below: The market square of Haarlem. I finally got a shot of the renovated town hall. If it had been up to me, I would have chased all these people away, out of my view but luckily I don’t have that power.

Below: This is nearly the same photo as the one at the top, only now the whole Saint Bavo church is in view. You have seen this location before in this post with the Vivienne Westwood blouse.

Below: I sat on this swing in that post. Now it was occupied by two girls, having fun.

Below: Again there was a cat. This rosé beauty must have had its tail between the door. There was a definite kink in its tail.

Below: Loes was quick enough to catch me stroking the sweetie. Seconds later he bolted.

Below: Passing a fun café.

Below: We ventured into a little courtyard, with keen gardeners. Someone had conveniently put a chair ready for me.

Below: Zooming out, you can see a sculpture on the edge of the wall.

Below: At the other end of the little courtyard Loes took a photo of the back. Hmmm… it still looks a bit odd.

Below: It does depend how you hold your arms. As you can see, the orange boots have a stiletto heel which is murder in Haarlem with all its cobble stones. I did damage one heel a little bit. My fantastic cobbler will fix that.

Below: Close-up of the fab earrings.

Below: As we were taking the close-up, I found out that Loes’ camera angle was wrong. I don’t like being photographed from below and Loes is much shorter than I am. So I squatted LOL. My fitness exercises came in handy.

Big colourful earrings

Below: As you can see from the way I hold my head, I am walking towards Loes and I am looking down a little. So funny.

Below: But a straight shot is also possible.
Creating this post, I noticed that the bag strap was creasing my top. STYLIST!!! Where are you?
It was not easy finding a bag with this outfit. I have many bags (understatement of the year) but they were all wrong. This little blue camera bag was the best. It had to be inconspicuous as all the other outfit items are loud enough.

We had a coffee and tea with cake at a British restaurant, all quaint with British memorabilia. No photo of Loes this time. She had a bad hair day and refrained.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Ron and I walked to the centre to enjoy cappuccino and cake (don’t talk about my weight). Strolling across the various food markets in the sunshine, buying big chunks of Dutch cheese, made for a very pleasant Saturday.

Sunday I let Ron rest from his busy work week and took mum to a shopping centre. It said on the website they were open on Sunday but that was not entirely true. Yes, they were open but only 4 chain stores were open. All the nice shops were closed. Fortunately quite a nice restaurant was open for business.
Below: Mum, indulging a gentleman who called out “SMILE” to her as I was taking the photo. We had a cheerful chat with the charming waitress, so it was still a nice change for her from being at home.


Monday my friend Marjolein took photos of another outfit for my blog post stock and we had a very nice day together. No photos, as they are reserved for the post.

Below: I found my cat sleeping like this, with her face pushed against the windowsill. Daft cat.

cat with face on the windowsill

Tuesday I got my next Covid booster vaccination. There was time for that as my eyelid correction was postponed. In the evening our friends Georg and Marla came for a meal with mussels (scallops, clams). As we Dutch say, mussels are good when there is an R in the month, like OctobeR.

Wednesday I stopped my cycling when one of the old bridges pivoted and a large ship passed through. Always a lovely sight to see.

Bridge and boat Spaarne Haarlem

In the afternoon I collected my repaired shoes and boots from the cobbler and visited Marianne. As it was her PJ day, she wasn’t up for her photo being taken. Instead she took a photo of me, with my new reading glasses (below). For the Dutch: bought at Eye Wish Heemstede.
(Link to original post with this outfit.)

At Marianne wearing my new reading glasses

Thursday Loes and I had this photo shoot.

Friday I managed to create this blog post, do the laundry, do the shopping and supply the painters with coffee. They are doing the outside of our house. Very quiet day.

Not an awful lot happened this week. We will see what next week will bring.


No Fear of Fashion


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