Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumperBefore I begin, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. You might be expecting a Christmassy post but no, you will get that after Christmas, haha.

Loes was my photographer and I created an outfit with my wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper from my own wardrobe; the jumper from the pre-worn pile. What a dreary day it was, the day of this photo shoot. Rain and wind. We needed a sheltered area to get it done.

Below: I chose the cathedral in Haarlem as background, because they have a covered gallery. The white spot at the bottom of the photo is bird poo. The lamp hanging above it, is one where they can sit on.


Below: There was no rain in the gallery (obviously) but the wind blew like crazy which resulted in photos like this.

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper

Below: I can see the humour in it, but I do want nice photos.

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper

Below: I positioned myself in front of the big entrance doors, more towards the corner, so the wind couldn’t get hold of me. I love to tuck my hands in my pockets and ‘hang’. (Link to original post with these trousers.)

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper

Below: The majestic doors of the cathedral with the lamp where the birds sit on.


Below: Stairs mean a sitting pose. The shirt underneath my jumper is to protect me from the cold. The wide neck of the jumper suits me, but it is rather cold in winter. I quite like this black shirt underneath it, matching the trousers.

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper

Below: I said to Loes: “One last shot of the earrings”. The flashlight made me look like ‘a rabbit caught in the headlights’.

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper

Below: So much better. The earrings are by Lara Design. You can pull the thin chain through your earlobe, adjusting the pendant to hang at various lengths.

Wide black trousers and a big yellow jumper and black earrings by Lara Design

Below: Loes with a monochrome outfit. Such cute booties.


Below: One last shot of the cathedral. You have seen the cathedral a few times; if you want to see more photos, click here and here.


What happened in my life this week

I get a bit down from time to time, probably caused by lack of natural light. I need to get outside more. The weather is much better now (11 degrees Celsius) and if you avoid the hours with rain, you can go on a bike tour or just for a walk. I know the “you” should be “I” but I like to keep things general.

Below: Marcella treated me to lunch in a café, called Frenchie. That was a nice restaurant. Very cosy and good food. I wore my thick khaki coloured jumper (see original post), Marcella’s orange earrings and my orange bag.

Marcella and me

Below: Marcella gave me these black earrings as a thank-you for helping her in the stall at the Christmas fair last week. Totally unnecessary as I only smiled a lot and let people pay for their purchases. That’s all. And only for three hours. But she is a stubborn woman so a present I got.

Big black statement earrings Lara Design

Mum was down with a severe cold and I only visited her for a couple of hours on Tuesday, staying far away from her. She wore a mask most of the times. We tested for Covid and fortunately it was just a cold.

Below: Marianne had to see a dental surgeon in the hospital for a nasty root canal treatment. It was just the introductory appointment and the surgeon will treat her in January. Poor Marianne. Anyway, here we are in the hospital’s restaurant, having a coffee. (Link to original outfit with this jacket and boyfriend jeans and with this jacket and cream trousers.)

Marianne and me

Below: Marianne’s marvellous Christmas tree.

Marianne's Christmas tree

Below: I saw this on Instagram. Probably ever so old, but I didn’t know this joke yet. Hilarious.

My sex life is like Coca Cola

I “fell off the wagon” with my not-buying-more-clothes quest. As I was in Karlijn’s shop, kpa.haarlem, for a chat, I stayed just a little bit too long. Another customer and I got chatting, Karlijn offered us coffee and tea and that was that. I had my eye on a jacket that had come in the week before and I looked at it a few moments too long.
“No harm in trying it on, is there?”
Yes, there is, as it suited me very well which I knew in advance.
Let’s call it a temporary lapse and climb back on the wagon.

Friday I went to the hairdresser. Hurray. My hair was looking awful due to the damp. When I left the hairdresser it was pouring down and Ron picked me up with the car to preserve the hairdo. Sweetheart.
In the afternoon Kitty came for tea and I forgot to take a photo.


No Fear of Fashion


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